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Can Keratin Protect Hair from Damage?

Damage makes your hair look dull and brittle and causes it to break off at the ends.  No one likes hair damage.  Unfortunately, protecting your hair can be a daunting task.  Caused by just about anything, including heat, chemicals, pollution, daily maintenance and styling, climate, environment, hard water or chemicals that may be found in your tab water. It can seem like your only option is to wrap your head in a silk bandage and never leave the house.

Each strand of your hair is covered in a protective cuticle layer that keeps the inner cortex of your hair hydrated and healthy. Can you guess what the protective layer is made of? If you Guessed Keratin you guessed correctly! When the cuticle layer is damaged, the tiny cells crack and separate, and the cortex is left unprotected. When the cortex dries up, hair becomes brittle and delicate.

So what is it that causes the cuticle to break and degenerate? A whole host of things actually. Heat form styling implements like hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers, cracks the cuticle and dries out the cortex. Chemical services like hair coloring, especially coloring servicing where you are lifting with high volume peroxide or bleach, relaxers, perms, harsh straightening systems, break down protein bonds in the cuticle and cause it to break.

Even if you avoid heat and chemicals, you can still damage your hair from friction. Combing or brushing, wrapping a hair tie around a ponytail and even the rubbing of your head against your pillow while you sleep. Yikes. Your hair’s breaking even while you sleep!


Short of sleeping standing upright in the middle of the room, there’s nothing you can do to completely avoid the things that cause hair damage. What you can do however, is prepare your hair to handle all the heat, chemicals and friction that gets thrown your way in the average day. Some products are capable of shielding your hairs’ cuticles. And the secret ingredient is… Keratin!


Damage is caused by degradation of the keratin proteins in the cuticle. Clearly, we need to protect those proteins! Keratin proteins can be introduced to your hair through hair products and take over where your natural keratin is damaged.

And if your hair doesn’t have any damage, the keratin will form a sacrificial layer around the hair follicle. So when heat, chemicals and friction find your hair, the sacrificial layer will be damaged leaving your natural keratin intact and the cortex protected. Awesome defense!

Of course, you know by now that for keratin proteins to really get in there and do the job of natural keratin they need to mimic the form, sequence and function of your hair’s keratin proteins. Keratin is the only available protein that can do this. So visit our shop at