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Keratin Shampoo Strengthen Hair!

Keratin Shampoo is a hair care product designed to strengthen hair as it cleans. It tames frizz and makes hair less prone to breakage. It is supposed to work for most hair types but is promoted heavily for those with curly or frizzy locks.

About Keratin
Keratin is a protein that occurs naturally in the body, not only in hair, but also in skin and nails. Made by cells called keratinocytes, it is made up of amino acids. The exact level of these amino acids is what makes the substance hard, as in an animal hoof, or soft and pliable, as in hair.

When keratinocytes form daughter cells, those cells quickly push the parent cells up and out of the way. The parent cells eventually die as a result. This process, called keratinization, is what creates the hair people see. To get a little more specific, the protein forms three major layers: the outer cuticle, the middle cortex and the inner medulla. The outer cuticle is made up of overlapping scales that, if damaged or lifted up too high, leave the cortex susceptible to loss of strength and shape.

Keratin is extremely strong. If hair is brittle, it is often because damage from environmental factors, friction or chemical agents has broken down or removed some of it. The amount in a hair strand decreases naturally over time, so some manufacturers say that putting some back with a shampoo is a good idea.

Product Definition
Keratin shampoo is a hair cleaning product that has a common protein added to it. Manufacturers assert that it will make the cortex stronger. They also say it will coat the cuticle, adding protection to the cortex. The result is sleeker hair that is less prone to frizzing and breaking.

Hair Type
Most types of hair can be improved by using keratin shampoo, but it can particularly help frizzy, curly or dry hair. The added protein helps prevent moisture from being lost from the inner part of the hair strand. It also keeps too much moisture from getting in. With better moisture regulation, the hair frizzes less and is less brittle. People with curly hair are especially prone to dryness and frizz because they have hair in which the overlapping sections of cuticle are very open, making it easy for water to move in and out.

People who have very fine, straight hair often struggle with breaking strands, because their hair shafts do not have enough circumference or diameter to resist snapping. These individuals sometimes find that these types of shampoos can build up the strength of the hair so it doesn’t break as much. The problem is that fine hair is very easily weighed down. The more protein a person adds to their hair, the heavier it is. This can make it appear flat and lifeless.

The amount of damage a person’s hair already has also effects how well the products work. Results depend on the other ingredients within the shampoo, as well. Some of those ingredients, such as sulfates, potentially can cause further damage to the hair or affect how well the keratin bonds with the hair strands. Damila Keratin Shampoo uses the best quality ingredients.