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Most Frequently asked questions from our clients

What is the Difference between Keratin and Japanese Straightening?

Japanese hair straightening treatments are a permanent change. They actually change the internal structure of your hair to remove all curls to create straight strands. These treatments may damage hair. Keratin hair treatments, on the other hand, do not change the internal structure of the hair and last from three to six months. These treatments will work to straighten or soften curls, eliminate frizz, and can make hair healthier over time.


Are You Right for the Treatment?

So ladies, you are probably wondering if you are actually right for this type of treatment. If you have unruly hair that is super curly and all kinds of frizzy in the summer, then this could actually be the treatment option for you!


What’s Your Hair Type?

One important fact about Keratin treatments that you have to consider is your hair type. Is your hair coarse and frizzy all of the time? Do you constantly have to straighten it to get it to feel beautiful and silky? This could be the ideal treatment for you! My hair is wavy and curly and in the summer, it’s so frizzy, I can barely hair a brush through it! That’s why I first got interested in learning about this type of treatment!


What Are the Benefits?

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to keratin treatments. If you have curly hair and spend a lot of time straightening your hair every day, or every few days, this could really change your life! Sounds dramatic, but it can save you so much time getting ready. Not only will you save time, but your hair won’t be nearly as frizzy as it normally is. You’ll be able to walk in humid or rainy without worrying about your hair poofing up!